What'sUp Gold Total View 2016

NEW! What'sUp Gold Total View 2016 

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 2016 Sets the New Standard for IT Monitoring Flexibility, Customer-Friendly Pricing and Value

Manage Complexity, Monitor Everything, and Get More For Your Money

Our latest release of WhatsUp Gold features TotalView, and enables IT teams to monitor and securely control applications, network devices, servers, storage and network traffic – all with one software license. WhatsUp Gold 2016 gives modern IT teams the ability to monitor their entire environment with one cost-effective software

 product, and to flexibly adapt their monitoring approach based on changing business priorities.



Manage Complexity

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 2016 provides a single flexible software product with a unique total view of the entire network and gives IT teams secure control of business transactions, applications and infrastructure.

This enables IT Teams to:

•Find and fix performance problems

•Monitor critical applications and infrastructure

•Optimize bandwidth utilization

•Manage network configurations







Monitor Everything

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 2016 allows you to monitor your entire environment with one flexible solution and license. It’s easy! You can monitor-


•Physical and virtual servers


•Network traffic

•...and more

all with one license!










Increase the Bang for Your Monitoring Buck

WhatsUp Gold 2016 with TotalView ensures that you will never overspend on monitoring:

•Monitor what you want, when you want – all with one license

•Eliminate over-buying or paying expensive upcharges at renewal time

•Avoid being limited by element or port based pricing