What'sUp Gold


Monitor it all from a single console

WhatsUp Gold Total View provides complete IT management coverage for your wired and wireless networks, systems and applications to power your business.


Routine management tasks, like Layer 2/3 discovery and mapping, are completely automated with WhatsUp Gold.


Built-in IT asset and inventory reporting manages detailed device configuration data and up-to-date audit/compliance information.


And real-time monitoring and performance reporting makes it easy to keep your entire infrastructure healthy and performing optimally.


You get all of this out of the box in one application.


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WhatsUp Gold Total View also scales to meet the monitoring demands of any size network.

With our suite of plug-ins, you can also extend the power of WhatsUp Gold to include change and configuration management, virtual infrastructure management and VoIP monitoring.



The WhatsUp Gold Total View Includes the best plug-ins for the system-


What’sUp Flow Monitor Our network analyzer gives you visibility into network traffic and bandwidth usage by application, end-point system and user.

Get alerted to and remedy network bottlenecks and non-critical applications or users that are consuming too much bandwidth.

Get detailed and actionable reports on the top senders, receivers, conversations, applications, and protocols consuming network bandwidth by collecting Cisco NetFlow, NetFlow-Lite and NSEL, J-Flow, sFlow, and IPFIX flow records.


What'sUp What’sVirtual– Monitor physical and virtual servers  from a unified dashboard.

Automatically discover and map your virtual environment including clusters, vCenter server, and VMware ESXi hosts and guests. Track live VM migrations in real-time, and understand virtual-to-physical relationships.

Plan and optimize virtual resource capacities.


What’sUp VoIP Monitor - allows you to continuously assess and monitor acceptable performance levels for VoIP (Voice over IP) call quality with an easy-to-use plug-in that collects data and reports on the quality of service (QoS) levels of your network.


What’sUp Application Performance Monitoring  - Leverage best-practice monitoring for Microsoft, Oracle, Linux and Java based apps to assure optimal service levels to your users.

Reduce IT workloads with pre-defined application templates for SharePoint, Exchange, eBusiness Suite, and Dynamics. Proactively monitor technologies such as JMX, Apache, IIS, and SQL.

Easily record web transactions to generate performance monitoring scripts and to track web-application response times.

Automatically discover and monitor application server services and processes to be up and running in under an hour.


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