Secure Business Continuity Solutions


Prevention is better than recovery.


Two out of five companies that experience downtime go out of business within five years. People or process failures, not natural disasters or technology malfunction account for the majority of downtime events, yet many businesses remain vulnerable. Business Continuity is the art of preparing your systems and hosted applications for the unexpected. FireHost can help you accomplish business continuity in a number of ways.


Secure High-Availability Hosting

High-Availability (HA) server hosting helps ensure your web application is accessible at all times. For servers hosting mission critical services like eCommerce or SaaS applications, streaming media or email services, HA hosting minimizes your downtime risks.




Secure Load Balanced Hosting


Load balancing allows FireHost Secure Cloud Servers to act as one, helping to ensure top web application performance under load. Managed, load balanced hosting mitigates traffic “bottlenecks” to help ensure critical systems and websites are available to users at all times.


  • Content based routing
  • Session persistence
  • System health monitoring
  • High availability for each secure cloud server
  • Reduction in sluggish performance
  • Elimination of website inaccessibility
  • Preventative measures for users being logged off while trying to save changes
  • Interlace load balancing alongside DNS Hosting and DNS Hosting advanced features, for the most secured and redundant disaster prevention capability possible
  • Failover prevention for a hosting within a single data centre
  • And more.....