PowerBroker Server

PowerBroker Servers Windows Edition


PowerBroker Servers Windows Edition delivers simplified privilege identity management (PIM) for Microsoft Windows based servers and applications.


The result is that responsibility for adding administrator accounts, managing mailboxes, or performing almost any other administrative task can be safely assigned to the appropriate people without disclosing the full administrative password.


The full power of full administrative access is thus protected from potential misuse or abuse outside an administrator’s specified job responsibilities, such as stopping services, or doing more subtle damage.





PowerBroker Servers


Secure Your Linux/Unix Server Infrastructure by Controlling Privileged User Activity Through Root Task Delegation



Root Password Remains Confidential and Secure.


PowerBroker Servers empowers IT organizations with the ability to delegate root tasks and authorization on Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS X platforms without ever disclosing the highly sensitive root password.


PowerBroker Servers utilizes highly flexible policy language to enable enterprises to dictate permissions for users down to the most granular level, extending to any command executable on a UNIX, Linux, or Mac OS X server. This capability along with PowerBroker Servers’ audit-ready logging and comprehensive reporting combine to deliver a solution that enables businesses of every size and industry to satisfy critical internal and external compliance requirements