The Cloud provides you with countless IT benefits – no hardware, no software and less expense. Yet, it demands special consideration for secure and convenient access to applications that are outside your control.


PingOne Cloud Access Services is cloud-deployed Tier 1 SSO enabling IT to link their user directory to all of their cloud applications for a simple, proven and secure cloud identity management solution.


Simple and Secure Access to Applications

With one connection from your user directory to PingOne, Cloud Access Services gives you secure and convenient access to multiple cloud applications.

■■ Tier 1 SSO. With zero-tolerance for storing passwords or managing duplicate accounts in the Cloud, this exclusively standards-based network means identities never leave the user directory.

■■ Just-in-Time Provisioning. By managing accounts in the user directory, IT has one place to create, update and delete accounts, regaining centralized control of its user accounts and their applications.


■■ CloudDesktop. With one set of credentials, users log in once to their user directory and gain immediate access to all their cloud applications from this customizable portal.







As a cloud service provider, there’s high customer demand for secure, convenient access to your application. Historically, Single Sign-On (SSO) required cost-prohibitive individual connections.


PingOne Application Provider Services is a cloud-deployed Tier 1 SSO solution, enabling multiple customers and partners to conveniently access your public or private cloud applications in minutes -- with just one connection.

Cloud-Deployed Single Sign-On Application Provider Services (APS) enables your application for standards-based SSO access by integrating only once with PingOne. Onboarding new accounts is a fast and easy “point, click and configure” process.

■■ Guided Deployment. A web developer configures the first and only connection in under an hour, in four simple steps. New customers or partners onboard in less than 10 minutes.

■■ Dashboard, Metrics & Logs. By monitoring SSO transactions, you proactively manage application usage and potential hotspots. Applications Provider Services captures SSO events in real-time and securely stores logs and data for compliance and reporting.

■■ Cost-Effective. By multiplexing to partners or customers for SSO, service providers can save up to 90% over making one-to-one connections. Plus, building and maintaining SSO in house can be up to 3x more costly than buying an SSO solution.