PingFederate - 


Cloud Identity Management Platform


Simple, proven and secure, PingFederate is cloud identity management software, helping enterprises and cloud businesses empower employees, connect with customers and drive partner value.


Whether deployed in a private, public or hybrid cloud, PingFederate easily integrates with your existing infrastructure for a complete cloud identity management solution.


Four Identity and Security Capabilities:

Cloud Single Sign-On (SSO) & Federated Identity From a single username and password to a complex authentication scenario that extends corporate security and compliance policies to the Cloud, PingFederate allows employees, customers or partners to access multiple cloud resources using standard identity protocols. 


Secure Mobile Access PingFederate allows users with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to access cloud applications. 


Automated Cloud User Provisioning PingFederate automatically creates user accounts in cloud applications whether you’re an enterprise sending employee attributes to a SaaS vendor or a cloud business creating accounts based on incoming assertions. 


API Security Using industry standards, PingFederate allows applications to add identity information to their API calls.





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For a detailed list of the SaaS applications PingFederate Works with and More see page 18 of this Product Guide!