Hit by ransomware


 Hit by Ransomware ?!?


Ransomware is an increasingly common and serious threat to businesses

The attacker infects the victim’s PC/laptop with malware via a malicious web-link or email attachment

When the user clicks on the web-link or opens the email attachment

the malware executes and encrypts important productivity files before issuing a ransom note demanding payment to decrypt them


So... How to prevent






With Bromium - I'm Safe

Bromium Endpoint Protection a component of Bromium Advanced Endpoint Security, offers a better wayto defeat cyber attacks that target the endpoint, where more than 70 percent of breaches originate

 Bromium transforms endpoint security with powerful new hardware-isolation technology that protects your business from malware

reduces costs, while empowering your users

Bromium Endpoint Protection uses proprietary micro-virtualization (micro VM) technology to automatically and instantly isolate all user tasks and the associated content

such as an email attachment, webpage or executable in a micro-virtual machine

This secure container is automatically discarded when the user closes a Web session or document

As a result, malware that may enter the micro-VM through these threat vectors cannot compromise the operating system, applications, data or network

Bromium’s approach addresses all major threat vectors neutralizing both known and unknown threats with no need for signatures, security software updates or access to the corporate network

Malware essentially becomes irrelevant

Bromium Endpoint Protection can create hundreds of micro-VMs dynamically in real time

It supports multiple concurrent user tasks using industry-standard systems by leveraging advanced

memory management techniques and unlocking the power of standard virtualization hardware built into today’s PCs and laptops