About us

Obelisk Distributions LTD. specializes in distribution, reselling and integration of quality products within the IT market. The company is active within the information security, unified communications and monitoring fields, supplying advanced products to large leading companies within the Israeli market, which cater to their specific requirements.

Obelisk is owned by Shoham David, who has widespread experience within the IT field, as well as in-depth knowledge of leading manufacturers in Israel and throughout the world. Shoham's attentiveness to the IT field's evolving needs contributes to Obelisk's quality of service and professional guidance, which are offered to clients at all times.

Obelisk's products are exclusively represented by the company in Israel. Guaranteeing fast and efficient service, Obelisk is the only company authorized to provide instruction services with regards to the products it distributes.


Obelisk's clients benefit from the following diverse services:


Import of unique information security products - Catering to specific requirements, these products are positioned to solve IT problems in the best possible manner. The products supplied by Obelisk are considered among the world's best and are situated in the leaders quadrant of Gartner's Magic Quadrant as well as in NSS and Forrester's top 3.
Comprehensive instruction, guidance and support - Every product implementation is guided by Obelisk from start to successful finish. Obelisk's relationship with overseas manufacturers and product knowledge allows the company to provide the required support throughout the entire process. Obelisk provides logistic assistance and support, including license obtainment, as well as technical support that includes installations, integration and Professional Services.
Effective solutions - Products are offered only after the appropriate market research is conducted and the organization's unique needs are understood. Upon research completion, Obelisk provides the most effective solution to the client's complex technological needs.


Obelisk views itself as an inseparable part of its products' marketing plan, and as such continues to provide it clients with guidance, updates and responses at all times, in order to ensure product satisfaction over time.


Obelisk's products successfully benefit many clients, including the Ministry of Health, Israel Electric Corp., Netafim, Mekorot, Rafael, Cellcom, Orange, the Prime Minister's Office, Bezeq International, Sides, Bank of Israel, Bank Leumi, Migdal Group, Teva and more.